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Our office provides child support services as the court appointed Court Trustee for the 23rd and 24th Judicial Districts. We can help you enforce or modify existing child support orders, and obtain medical judgments. Please contact us at 785-259-8478 or via email at: courttrustee23@gmail.com




If you have a current DCF case, please contact DCF at 1-888-757-2442,

unless you are seeking a medical judgment only.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I tell if my child support case is Court Trustee or DCF?

If you have a child support case, that case is monitored and/or enforced by either the Court Trustee in the county in which the court made the order, or by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). For the 23rd and 24th judicial districts (Ellis, Rooks, Trego, Gove, Rush, Pawnee, Edwards, Hodgeman, Ness and Lane counties) any cases that are not DCF are Court Trustee. If a custodial parent or child is receiving cash assistance (TANF), food stamps, a child is in foster care, or the custodial parent AND child is receiving medical assistance, the case would be overseen by DCF case. You may contact them at 888-757-2445 or visit their website here. If only the child is receiving medical assistance or the custodial parent is not receiving any assistance, the case is most likely a court trustee case. Some exemptions apply. If you are still unsure as to who can assist with your child support case, you can use our handy flow chart, or watch our video below which should help you make that determination. To find a list of all court trustee offices in Kansas, click here.

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