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⬆️GET concrete legal advice on when and how to apply for a trademark PLUS a manual knockout search

(to see if your proposed name, phrase, or logo will have issues)

⬆️Understand the differences between trademarking creative vs. generic names, phrases, and visuals

⬆️Discuss your brand and business goals: where you are now and where you want to go

⬆️Get answers to your questions about the best timing for obtaining a trademark

⬆️ Learn the basics of what can and cannot be trademarked

⬆️Discuss how a trademark applies to your business

⬆️Receive specific advice to determine if a trademark is right for you

Move forward with us within 7 days of your session, special Package pricing is available!

Elevate your business with a powerful trademark.


Fortify your distinctive trademark and amplify your influence.

You're not just protecting a name, you're amplifying your legacy



Increase the likelihood of a successful trademark application, minimizing obstacles and delays.



Actively monitor your trademark application's progress, addressing any issues promptly.



Receive expert support during the prosecution phase, navigating legal complexities effectively.



Ensure compliance with trademark laws, avoiding potential legal challenges and setbacks.



Strengthen the protection of your intellectual property, guarding against unauthorized use.



Attain federal recognition and exclusive rights to your mark, amplifying its significance.



Facilitate year-round maintenance, keeping your trademark active and in good standing.

Detailed FULL Clearance Search of federal, state and common law sources

SECOND FULL Clearance Search on the house if the first is problematic

Full legal risk assessment analysis

Detailed Search Clearance Report

Attorney legal opinion letter on your filing risks and likelihood of rejection or challenges

1 Trademark Application and USPTO filing in 1 class

All attorney fees and USPTO Teas/Teas Plus filing fees and USPTO Statements of Use fee included (if applicable)

Unlimited Procedural and Substantive Office Action Responses

Unlimited email access and scheduled calls to the Trademark team throughout your trademark process. Monthly updates and legal support throughout your application process

Unlimited federal Trademark database monitoring during pendency of application

Post-Registration instructions on Trademark use and maintenance

*Financing is Available! Click the blue buttons and "Pay Later" to invest in installments. Packages do NOT include USPTO or attorney fees for filing additional paperwork in the event unexpected issues arise during the pendency of your trademark application. This includes, but is not limited to, filing Assignability documents, Cease and Desists, Division of Applications, Letters of Protest, Extensions of Time, and Petitions for Revivals. We do not include them with every application as they may not be necessary for every application.  Should you require any of these documents, we will advise of the USPTO fee and anticipated legal flat fee and allow you to make the business decision on how to move forward. 


This session is designed for you to get the legal education and advice you need to move forward. It is intended to be a stand-alone legal business strategy session.

Should you desire to retain Julie for further business legal services,

the $100 strategy session fee will be applied to your flat fees.

To get started, please fill out the information below.


Trademark Subscription

You’ve got your Registration, CONGRATULATIONS!

Now protect it by engaging our watch services, Trademark monitoring, and monthly reports. Our watch services and trademark monitoring combs the federal and global trademark database of 190 countries and for registered domains for potentially conflicting marks in all classes.

We can notify you before marks get to publication and allow you to have the opportunity to oppose those that might be problematic. Each month you will receive a customized report as well as recommendations for further action. We offer four levels of extremely affordable protection, based on your needs as a business owner. Discounts are offered for multiple marks.

National Watch Services and monitoring

National Watch Services + domains

Global Watch Services

Global Watch services + domains

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