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their Dreams.


Let's talk about the importance of protecting your brand.

Without a trademark, your original ideas could be claimed

by someone else!

Your name, your logo, and your business reputation is at stake.

We can protect your brand nationally against confusion

with subpar competitors, knock off imitators,

and ensure the integrity of your brand. ...

Schedule a Complementary Trademark Disovery Session and find out in 15 minutes or less if we can help protect your brand!

Buisness Formation

Business Formation and Contracts

Create and grow your dream.

New to business? Our legal strategy session is tailored to you and will advise you on what documents you need and when, to build your business on a solid legal foundation.

Already established and need help on a specific project? We can create customized contracts tailored to fit your needs, review and update your existing contracts for loopholes, and can provide solid legal advice when you need it.

Not big enough for in-house counsel, but need regular legal advice? We also offer a legal subscription plan so you always have your attorney in your corner. All with predictable flat fee rates, so there are never surprises when it comes to budgeting for your business.

cOURT tRustee

“Our office provides child support services as the court appointed Court Trustee for the 23rd and 24th Judicial Districts. We can help you enforce or modify existing child support orders, and obtain medical judgments. Please contact us at 785-259-8478 or via email at courttrustee23@gmail.com.”

“Please note: if you have a current DCF case, please contact DCF at 1-888-757-2442 unless you are seeking a medical judgment only.”

Court Trustee


The Expungement Project can help you expunge your prior arrest records or criminal convictions even if they are felonies! Getting your record cleared can help you obtain housing, employment, and give you a fresh start.

Click here and see if you qualify for a free or a low cost expungement.

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You'll soon be able to find out what is going on with Legal 4-1-1!




Doctor of Chiropractic

Julie has helped me personally and professionally with several matters that required legal help. She has assisted me in starting new businesses, helped write policies for my existing business and is now currently putting together contracts for the sale of a business. She also quickly and professionally put together our power of attorney documents that we needed on short notice, and assisted in some child support matters. Julie delivers each and every time.


Lisa and John

Business Client

Owning a small business can be scary.  That's why it is important to have an experienced team of professionals to help you through it.  I have used Grabbe Law to aid my business in a multitude of ways.  They did such an amazing job, my husband and I have been using them for our personal needs as well.  We would highly recommend using them to anyone!



Trademark Client

Julie at Grabbe Law has been absolutely exceptional. We were walked through every step we needed to know and every question we had was answered. She has gone above and beyond keeping us posted on every step of our process working with her. Thank you for everything you do!



Trademark Client

Julie at Grabbe Law was awesome and extremely helpful. She answered all my questions and even gave more in depth information to things that I hadn't even considered. Wonderful person with a high level of professionalism and expertise.

Julie Grabbe has been helpful to our family with writing a power of attorney, and drafting a will. She is knowledgeable and fun to work with.

~ Marshall


Get to know Julie

Hello! I'd love to introduce myself. I'm a homeschooling mother to two adorable boys, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a farm wife, and a seasoned lawyer. As a family, we love to learn, travel, and spend time together at the farm. After two decades of experience, I “hung my shingle” in 2019 so that I could provide a higher level of service to a select number of inspired clients. I am an educator, legal guide, advocate, and exceptional service provider. My goal is to make the law work FOR you, to provide services to assist you in your current challenges, and to protect and grow your future. I’d love to be of service to you!

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