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This discovery session gets you concrete legal advice on when and how to apply for a trademark and also includes a manual preliminary knockout search to identify identical or nearly identical hits, which gives you an idea if your proposed word mark (names or phrases) or design mark (typically logos) will be problematic.

We discuss your brand and business trajectory; where are you now, where you want to go, and how we can get you there. You’ll also get a general trademark education, and by the end, you will understand the basics of what is and is not material you can trademark, the nuances of trademark law as it relates to “creative” versus generic names and phrases, and visual appearances. We will discuss how obtaining a trademark applies to your business, answer any questions regarding the strategic timing of obtaining a trademark, answer any questions specific to your business and determine if a trademark is right for you.

Should you decide to move forward with a trademark application with us within 7 days of your session, this fee is applied to your Package pricing.

An Easy, Painless Trademark Process for Your Brand with Our Trademark Attorney servicing Olathe, KS

Taking care of your brand in Olathe, KS, isn’t as easy as it seems. One of the steps that many new business owners overlook is applying for a trademark. In an effort to save time and money, these people avoid spending on legal resources that aren’t mandatory, but that can lead to problems in the future.

Registering a trademark in Olathe, KS, isn’t mandatory, but if you don’t do it, you’re exposing yourself to an infringement. Keep in mind that, unless you trademark certain aspects of your business, someone else can go and use your original ideas as their own, as long as they register them.

Losing the rights to your intellectual property is something that can leave you with unexpected expenses, and you will also lose a lot of time rearranging your brand identity so that you don’t break the law.

What’s the solution to this problem? Submitting your trademark application as soon as possible. If you’re new to the business world and don’t know where to start this process, our team at Grabbe Law can help you out.

We’re experts in all things surrounding trademark services for businesses in Olathe, KS. Starting with a 15-minute Trademark Discovery Session, we will evaluate your proposal and determine if it’s eligible for trademarking or not.

If it isn’t, we will help you make the necessary adjustments so that you get your application approved by the USPTO. All you need to do to get started is schedule your session today!

Why Are Trademark Applications Rejected?

One of the things that may keep you from starting the trademark process for your brand in Olathe, KS, is that the approval rate is lower than in previous years. Thanks to all technological advancements, opening a small business is something more accessible, so you can expect hundreds of different applications for similar ideas to yours throughout the year.

Unfortunately, many people, in an effort to save money, decide to file the application themselves without doing a trademark search or making adjustments. Even if you are 100% sure that your brand’s name, logo, or any other asset is original, there’s a small chance that someone else already has a nearly identical concept to yours, and that can be problematic.

In most cases, trademark applications get rejected because they pose a conflict with existing trademarks. However, other common reasons include:

- There’s not a distinguishing factor in your marks – You can’t use marks that are too generic (i.e., “pen”).

- Your mark only includes quantity, quality, or geographical origin – Your marks must provide a relationship between quality, origin, and other distinctiveness factors.

- The mark can cause confusion for the consumers.

- The mark uses official government imagery or uses profanity.

If you want to minimize the chances of getting rejected and losing time, your best bet is to hire our trademark attorney servicing Olathe, KS, for legal guidance.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Priority Date with the USPTO?

When you submit your application to the USPTO, you will get a “Priority Date.” This means that, if anyone else tries to register a similar mark to yours after your priority date, they have a high chance of getting an office action and perhaps rejected, which will protect your brand indirectly.

The sooner you start your legal trademark process, the better.

How Do You Know Which International Classes to Register Your Brand to?

There are 45 different international classes of goods and services for the USPTO, so which one is right for your brand? You may be eager to include as many classes as possible, but that’s not as good as it seems. 

First, keep in mind that your registration costs are determined based on how many international classes you register, so you would pay more money. Moreover, registering too many classes could increase your chances of getting rejected.

If you want to avoid problems, talk to an attorney so that they can tell you which classes suit your goods and services the best.

What Can We Help You with?

Our team will start by giving you a complementary knockout search during our 15-minute Discovery session. There, we will know if there are any similar or identical marks that can pose a problem for your trademark proposal.

After that, we will help you file your trademark application in the most effective way possible so that you increase your chances of getting approved. Our team will offer ongoing communications with the USPTO throughout your application process, and you will also be able to keep in touch with our attorneys. 

We also include unlimited procedural and substantive Office Action responses, which are crucial during your application process. Even after your application gets approved, we offer a subscription watch service that will help you monitor federal and global trademark databases to find any similar marks to yours that could pose a problem in the future.

Get Peace of Mind by Hiring Our Trademark Attorney servicing Olathe, KS!

The best time to start your trademark application process is today, so if you’re eager to make your brand in Olathe, KS thrive, make sure to schedule your 15-minute Discovery session with our team at Grabbe Law today!


15 minute Trademark Discovery Session call with complementary knockout search

Comprehensive federal, state,&common law clearance search (+ 1 if initial search is problematic).

Detailed Search Clearance Report

Full legal analysis letter on filing risks and likelihood of rejection/challenges

One Trademark Application in one class, USPTO filing fee included with discounts on attorney fees for additional classes

Ongoing communications with USPTO throughout the pendency of your application

Unlimited scheduled attorney calls with during the pendency of your application

All attorney fees and USPTO filing fees for Statements of Use

Unlimited email access to the Trademark team throughout your trademark process

Unlimited federal Trademark database monitoring during pendency of application

Unlimited Procedural and Substantive Office Action Responses

Post-Registration instructions on Trademark use and maintenance

*Please note our package does NOT include USPTO fees or attorney fees for filing additional paperwork in the event unexpected issues arise during the pendency of your trademark application. This includes, but is not limited to filing Assignability documents, Letters of Protest, Extensions of Time, Opposition litigation and/or Petitions for Revivals. We do not include them with every application as they may not be necessary for every application. Should you require any of these documents, we will advise of the USPTO fee and anticipated legal flat fee and allow you to make the business decision on how to move forward.


This session is designed for you to get the legal education and advice you need to move forward. It is intended to be a stand-alone legal business strategy session.

Should you desire to retain Julie for further business legal services,

the $100 strategy session fee will be applied to your flat fees.

To get started, please fill out the information below.

Trademark Subscription

You’ve got your Registration, CONGRATULATIONS!

Now protect it by engaging our watch services, Trademark monitoring, and monthly reports. Our watch services and trademark monitoring combs the federal and global trademark database of 190 countries and for registered domains for potentially conflicting marks in all classes.

We can notify you before marks get to publication and allow you to have the opportunity to oppose those that might be problematic. Each month you will receive a customized report as well as recommendations for further action. We offer three levels of extremely affordable protection, based on your needs as a business owner. Discounts are offered for multiple marks.

National Watch Services and monitoring

National Watch Services + domains

National and Global Watch services + domains

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